The lightest strongroom
on the market

The Flexofin strongroom

  • 20150921_flexofin-cube-couleurBunkerkit is revolutionising the market for modular strongrooms with its new product, Flexofin, certified in EN 1143-1 Class V. It can be installed anywhere, even where the ground is subject to restricted loads (on upper storeys, in cellars, in listed buildings etc.), Flexofin is the lightest strongroom on the market!
  • Its modular design fits in and adapts to the existing environment. Thanks to its thin, small panels, Flexofin can fit the shape of any room and integrate architectural obstacles (columns, beams etc.).

Certifications et quality


  • Flexofin is compliant with Class V according to standard EN 1143-1 and certified by the ECB-S (European Certification Body).
  • EN 1143-1 is the European reference standard, certifying the resistance of safes, strong doors and strongrooms. It comprises 14 grades or classes numbered from 0, I, II, … to XIII.
  • Flexofin has been tested at CNPP, the French laboratory officially recognised by the EFSG (European Fire & Security Group) for carrying out these tests. During testing professional “attackers” who have an in-depth knowledge of the product as well as its design plans can use the tools and attack methods of their choice. Once the tests have been successfully completed, a test report is provided by the CNPP.
    NB: in order to obtain the certificate of conformity, the Flexofin panel must be made up of the 6 sides which have been certified and open with a certified door in the same class (or higher).
  • The quality of the Flexofin’s products and the consistency of their performance over time are monitored and regularly controlled by the ECB-S.
strongroomThe Flexofin strongroom visibly displays the official ECB-S certification label, indicating the resistance grade achieved.
NB : The Flexofin also succeeded the official tests and complies with Grades I to IV according to EN 1143-1. These resistance classes are available on request.



  • The Flexofin panels are made up of two steel plate sheets which have a secret composite material between them, which is patented by Metal Quartz. This smart, revolutionary assembly provides the Flexofin panel with two fundamental benefits: resistance and light weight.
  • The panels are supplied pre-painted and may be powder-coated in all the RAL colours on demand. Any type of cladding can be put on the strongroom, both inside and outside.
  • Different ranges of Class V certified doors are available according to needs and priorities (weight, timeframes, custom dimensions etc.).


  • Weight: 120 kg/m² wall
  • Thickness: 68 mm (total footprint)
  • Panels of standard width: 220 mm and 280 mm
  • Standard internal height: 2300 and 2800 mm


  • The room is fully assembled by simply bolting the components together in just a couple of hours.
  • The module is put together without any fuss and inconvenience as there is no dust, major work involved or impact on the existing building.
  • This type of assembly means that the strongroom can also be moved in the case of moving or refurbishing premises, enabling its dimensions to be adapted quickly and easily, if required.


  • 3D measurements taken for the strongroom’s future location
  • Analysis and optimisation of the space available by our design department
  • Requirements for and management of installation carried out by our approved fitters
  • Network of partners ready to respond in the case of rapid, local callouts for carrying out repairs or in an emergency
  • Provision of a complete technical file (with all the work carried out) and issuing of a certificate of conformity in accordance with standard EN 1143-1
  • Metal Quartz guarantees perfect operational use of the Flexofin strongroom for a period of 15 years, as specified in the warranty terms.

Optional fittings and accessories

With the support of our network of fitters, we can provide you with all the fittings which will be useful for your strongroom:

  • Security foyer with a motorised control system, reinforced counter etc.
  • Electronic security: alarm, remote surveillance, access control etc.
  • Additional certified fire-resistant panels
  • Air conditioning, electrical installation, lighting etc.
  • Deposit boxes, security cabinets etc.


  • Banking: vaults, access to ground floor facilities for persons with reduced mobility etc.
  • Diamond merchants, watch-makers, goldsmiths and jewellers sector: storing valuables, secure workshops etc.
  • Industry: transportation of cash, toxic or pharmaceutical products, sensitive data etc.
  • Temporary storage: storage of valuables, cash, weapons at trade shows or events.


Who are we?

Bunkerkit family :

Burglary resistance

The Bunkerkit is a secure installation certified for levels CR3, CR4 and CR5 according to the standard EN 1627-1630, which evaluates the room’s resistance to manual burglary attempts.


The Bunkerkit is certified for classes FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7 and AK 47 according to the standard EN 1522-1523, (ballistic resistance of the panels and their seam).

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